Ett patent ger en ensamrätt på att dra kommersiell nytta av en uppfinning. Läs mer om patent och andra begrepp i vår ordlista.


patent - Engelsk-svensk ordbok - [=patterned?] - English Only forum fifth-wheel means [patent description] - English Only forum What is PATENT? What does PATENT mean? PATENT meaning - PATENT pronunciation - PATENT definition - PATENT explanation jump to other results. an official right to be the only person to make, use or sell a product or an invention; a document that proves this. patent on something to apply for/obtain/take out a patent on an invention. by patent The device was protected by patent. patent applications/laws.

Patent meaning

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Patent. Definition. Ensamrätt att utnyttja en uppfinning. Dessutom skyddas ALUCAT-katamaranstrukturen av internationellt designskydd och patenteras i USA. ALUCAT® is SAFE In real life, it means Stability, Area,  for analyzing energy efficiency and causal links in compressor systems. The patent means that a 2018 launch of automated licensed software is now possible.

This patent also includes the technology that makes the TSE pulses rotate between the different electrodes. This function means that the TSE 

· 'Life in Seasons' for @pap_magazine, ft. FOMME AW19 patent croc  These new additions means that Awapatent now has 61 EPAs in total. European Patent Attorneys are authorized to represent clients before the  JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) and Varioprint AG, Heiden, Switzerland, have today signed a so-called term sheet, meaning that negotiations regarding a  Utan patenträtt: inga investeringar – inga nya behandlingar. Patienter får ingen hjälp.

Patent meaning

Patent definition, the exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years. See more.

Patent meaning

[ pa´tent] 1. open, unobstructed, or not closed.

Patent meaning

A patent is legal proof that a holder holds the rights to an invention. This exclusive right protects the inventor and stimulates society's innovative strength. It is partly thanks to patents that we are getting smarter all the time. Before I started in this profession, I had a lot of questions about patents and their meaning. Definition: A patent is the exclusive, legal right to use a process or create and sell a product for 20 years.
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Patent meaning

an exclusive right to the benefits of an invention or improvement granted by the United States Patent Office, for a specific period of time, on the basis that it is novel (not previously known or described in a publication), "non-obvious" (a form which anyone in the field of expertise could identify This video includes Basic info about Patents, Patentability Criteria, How you can use Patents for your Business, and How to Seek Professional Advice. 2015-12-17 The term " industrial property " covers patents, trade marks, merchandise marks, trade names, designs and models. But a high-spirited nation cannot be extinguished by any number of patents and … Patent means protected by a government issued right allowing someone to make and sell a product or service for a certain Dictionary !

open to all; generally accessible or available. 3.
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patent game development game design. Sammanfattning: The aim of this thesis is to investigate the importance of patents as a means to protect the design of 

Synonym Discussion of patent. patent 1. (Law) a. a government grant to an inventor assuring him the sole right to make, use, and sell his invention for a 2. (Law) an invention, privilege, etc, protected by a patent 3. (Law) a. an official document granting a right b.