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Author: Schroers, Samuel et al.; Genre: Journal Article; Published online: 2021-02-11; Open Access; Title: Hortonian overland flow, hillslope morphology and stream power I: Spatial energy distributions and steady-state power maxima

Careers | D.R. Horton. Dhi Jobb. Dhi Jobb. Job Openings at  In soil science, Horton overland flow describes the tendency of water to flow horizontally across land surfaces when rainfall has exceeded infiltration capacity and depression storage capacity. It is named after Robert E. Horton, the engineer who made the first detailed studies of the phenomenon. Paved surfaces such as asphalt, which are designed to be flat and impermeable, rapidly achieve Horton overland flow.

Hortonian overland flow

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The first mechanism involves a rate of rainfall which exceeds the infiltrability of the soil at the surface. Overland flow (or surface run-off) occurs in two cases: 1. when the intensity of precipitation that reaches the surface exceeds the infiltration capacity of the soil. This process is known as Hortonian overland flow. What is HORTON OVERLAND FLOW?

Effects of Spatial Variability of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity on Hortonian Overland Flow. D. A. Woolhiser. Search for more papers by this author. R. E. Smith.

chaco 7.8240 horton 6.0323. toth 8.5172.

Hortonian overland flow


Hortonian overland flow

Done 2009-09-01 · Infiltration excess overland (Hortonian) flow was generated by 15 min of artificial precipitation at a rate of 4.2 mm min-1 which was roughly 2–3 times the saturated soil conductivity. To prevent algal growth in the soil a light oil instead of water was used. After rainfall intensity exceeds the infiltration capacity of the soil, the Hortonian overland flow hydrographs can be divided into a rainfall excess phase and a recession-infiltration phase.

Hortonian overland flow

Darnyelle Dilliard Pierce Overland. 508-794-0163. Corrine Albury 508-794-4196. Flow Personeriasm. 508-794-5158 Madelen Rosenfeldt. 970-213-8349.
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Hortonian overland flow

Orlando E.F., kolok A.S., Binzcik G.A., Gates J.L., Horton M.K., lambright C.S., Gray L.E.,.

2021-02-09 · View 2-9-2021_Hydrological Flowpaths & Sediment Transport.ppt from SCSC 458 at Texas A&M University. SCSC 458/658 Hydrological Flowpaths and Sediment Transport • Hortonian Overland Flow • Indeed, the saturation excess overland flow concept is usually understood to include a rapid subsurface flow component (e.g., Dunne and Leopold 1978 pp.
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overland flow . unconfined runoff, expressed as discharge per unit width of slope ; Hortonian. saturation from above ; described by Horton in a series of papers in the '30s and '40s, where he suggested it was the principal, if not only, mechanism of overland flow and occurred on virtually all slopes

Here we expand this thermodynamic perspective by exploring how macro and micro hillslope structures control the free energy balance of Hortonian overland flow. 2009-09-01 After rainfall intensity exceeds the infiltration capacity of the soil, the Hortonian overland flow hydrographs can be divided into a rainfall excess phase and … Hortonian overland flow closure relations E. Vannametee et al. Title Page Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures J I J I Back Close Full Screen / Esc Printer-friendly Version 2006-07-20 Hortonian Overland Flow, Hillslope Morphology and Stream Power I: Spatial Energy Distributions and Steady-state Power Maxima February 2021 DOI: 10.5194/hess-2021-79 T1 - Scale effects of Hortonian overland flow and rainfall-runoff dynamics in a West African catena landscape. AU - van de Giesen, N.C. AU - Stomph, T.J. AU - de Ridder, N. PY - 2000.