In the 1950's, the Volvo TP21 fulfilled its original role as a rugged, off-road radio communications vehicle for the Swedish Armed Forces. Because of its snout-like front end and rounded rear end, the vehicle was nicknamed "Sugga", meaning sow, or mother pig, in Swedish.

2014-06-05 1956 Volvo Sugga TP-21, originally built for the Swedish military, this is an ICONIC vehicle, the ultimate Volvo station wagon, it dwarfs Land Rovers, difficult to drive by modern standards but you'll smile every mile you drive in it and everyone that see's it will smile too. This particular model is by far one of the best available today. The TP-21 … 26.04.2012 - We would love to speak to you. Thank you for visiting our website and community. We strive to improve more for you each and every day. Speak with Jimmy Hanaie today and let us know exactly what your goals are and what you current … Mar 31, 2014 - 1956 Volvo TP-21 Sugga Swedish Military 4WD.

1956 volvo tp 21

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Thank you for visiting our website and community. We strive to improve more for you each and every day. Speak with Jimmy Hanaie today and let us know exactly what your goals are and what you current situation is. We are constantly looking for strategic ways to provide… Read More »Free To Call 24/7. Bilder på lellebrors bil Volvo tp 21 "sugga" (1957) (Bild 3 av 20) Volvo tp 21 "sugga" (1957) lellebror. 10 221 visningar (1 idag) 17 kommentarer.

2 Aug 2015 1971 Volvo P1800ES; 1956 Volvo P1900; 1978 Volvo 262C Bertone; 1965 Volvo Amazon 2-door; 1970 Volvo 145 Automatic Estate; 1938 Volvo 

“This car is quite complete, including one of the Swedish bikes (hand operated front drum and Bendix  Cars for Sale. Site Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with AB Volvo, Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, or other Volvo companies  1957 Volvo Sugga TP21 Military 4x4 For Sale Front. 1957 Volvo 1956 Volvo TP21 Sugga - check out the font used on the instrument panel!: 1956 Volvo TP21   A vintage truck built for the Swedish military in 1956.

1956 volvo tp 21

1956 Volvo TP21 (TP21226) : Registry : The Triumph Experience. Mike Brand's 1956 Volvo TP21 (TP21226). Stephan Hemenway1950 willy's jeep station wgon.

1956 volvo tp 21

VOLVO V70. 2008 -2013. VOLVO V70. 2005 -2008. FÅR NI INGET SVAR PÅ 054/57 21 40 (BUTIKEN) KAN NI RINGA 0730/57 21 MCG, 18139 1:18, 1795 kr. Volvo F88 Bilspedtion MCG, 18140 1:18, 1795 kr. Volvo F88 ASG DDR, 1956 (333 ex). FINNS I Abrex, 605 TP 1:43.

1956 volvo tp 21

Fabrikat, typ och årsmodell: Volvo TP 21/1956. Motoreffekt 90 hk. Mätarställning 50679. Bör enligt tillbehörslistan  Senaste användarbilder · Volvo TP21 3.7 4WD Manuell, 90hk, 1956. på Classic Car Week Rättvik 2019 ett år sedan.
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1956 volvo tp 21

Mar 7, 2012 - Always fun when our friend Paolo enters the store. Not only interesting stories about how he evacuated a hospital, but he also showed me th Radiopersonterrängbil 915 var en terrängbil som användes av svenska Försvarsmakten.Den gick ursprungligen under smeknamnet "Terrängsuggan", baserat på smeknamnet "Suggan" för Volvos taximodell PV800, på vilken den militariserade versionen Volvo TP 21 baserades. Mar 17, 2020 - We would love to speak to you.

Suspended by leaf springs front and rear, both axles had a ratio of either 7:36:1 or 6:35:1. The engine was the solid, if not overly powerful, gasoline ED 3.63L side valve inline six which developed 90hp @ 3600rpm and 159lb-ft of torque. This 1956 Volvo TP21 Sugga (chassis 21277) is said to have spent the past several years sitting, and though running and drivable the seller does advise a tune-up before any more miles are added. A Swedish Army radio command car, it’s said to be rust-free, complete and includes original, working electronics, an era-correct Swedish bicycle and rack.
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Saved by Joe Chvojka. 53. Swedish Army Dodge Power Wagon Volvo … 26.04.2012 - We would love to speak to you.